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Management & Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Azingo Hospitality Consulting Services is for the owners who want to have control over their hotel and want an expert to brainstorm any obstacles keeping them from achieving maximum profitability.
With the many variables and details needed to make your hotel move forward correctly every day, it's critical to have another set of expert eyes reviewing and guiding your operational & sales efforts.
Whether it's for 1 hour a day, week or month,Azingo Hospitality can help your hotel maximize its optimal revenue potential. 
We will LISTEN to your needs and provide you with a detailed strategy for getting your hotel on track at a price you can afford.
You determine the services needed that work within your budget! Azingo will customize a package that fits your Budget! 
Tools for every department: Sales and Marketing • Operations • Accounting • Human Resources & Much More
Management Services

Azingo Hospitality delivers expert operational guidance and support to your on-site management needs to ensure maximization of your hotel's bottom line.

What you can expect from Azingo Hospitality:
    - Market research
    - Analysis determining true position of your property within market
    - Oversee day-to-day operations with hotel manager
    - Implement forecasting controls for effective Yield Management
    - Detailed monitoring of all operating expenses
    - Payroll - Labor expense controls
    - Guest Satisfaction Tracking and Quality Assurance control programs
    - Insure compliance with local and international standards and  procedures       
      - Implement HR policies and procedures
      - Diligently work to achieve levels above and beyond standards
      - Establish Preventative Maintenance programs & controls
      - Capital improvements planning
Azingo Hospitality believes in a "hands on" management approach, delivering active support and guidance, coupled with regular site visits and conference calls, to ensure your property is running at its fullest potential.
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